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For General Information about fishing on Reelfoot here


Just what might you catch while fishing on Reelfoot? Well, there are 29 different species that you could end up's a list

Here's a humorous story  from a book  by Mr. Lexie Leonard. It should bring a smile to any fisherman's face.

You can purchase Tennessee resident and non-resident fishing licenses or register you boat this website

The folks at Eagle Nest Resort took advantage of the great spring crappie fishing on Reelfoot. Here are a few of their...spring crappie pictures

One of the best ways to improve the action of your lure is to use a loop knot. While not needed for all types of lures it works exceptionally well with crankbaits, crappie jigs and bream's more

There's a new law in Tennessee created with the intent of making the state’s boaters more knowledgeable...for more info

Reelfoot was voted one of the top 96 bass lakes in the country and #1 in Tennessee by Field and Stream's more

The most frequently asked questions that Tennessee boat owners have are, “Do I have to register my boat?” and “how do I do it?”'s your answer

It looks like angler Mike Hicks brought in a world record carp from Reelfoot Lake. For the complete here

Reelfoot Lake is known for producing some good bass. Angler Brian Akin put in some time in and finally got his's more

When the wind is blowing 30 mph on Reelfoot, don't just sit around moping. There are still some good fishing opportunities at the smaller...Reelfoot Watershed Lakes

Guide Jackie Van Cleave knows what it takes to bring in the Crappie on Reelfoot. Read about our trip with Jackie from

Fishing season is upon us. We thought we'd give you a few Reelfoot Lake fishing pictures to help get you fired they are

Prime bass fishing on Reelfoot Lake is right around the corner. Here's a little info about...pre spawn bassin on Reelfoot

Spring is the time of year ponds frequently experience algae problems, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency...for more information

The TWRA and Tennessee B.A.S.S. Federation have partnered to produce a new brochure entitled Keeping Your Tournament-Caught Bass Alive. It's free...for more information

Tennessee bass clubs can help themselves and the TWRA by participating in the B.I.T.E. program. You can now enter your info online. For information and a few Tennessee bass here

Think you've got a state record fish. Here are the qualifications... for getting in the Tennessee record books. Also check out the current...Tennessee state fishing records

Gibson County Lake at Trenton, Tennessee opened on April 1, 2003 for fishing...for more information

How about some crappie fishing tips from one of Reelfoot Lake's fishing pros...Guide Jackie Van Cleave

Managing your own pond for optimum fishing can be very tricky. When do you fertilize? Why are the fish all small? Luckily the TWRA has a publication to answer all your pond management's more

We've posted articles before about the great fishing opportunities in the watershed lakes that were built upstream of Reelfoot. Well, check out bass

Spring is the time of year ponds frequently experience algae problems. Here are a few tips...on controlling algae in your fishing hole.

Due to it's great success, Tennessee's official outdoor show "Tennessee's Wild Side" will now air nationally on The Outdoor's more

Tennessee's resident senior citizens have new licenses available for purchase, including a new Lifetime Sportsman License for $'s more

Fish stocking by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency will now cost $100.00 per acre...continued

Catfishing on Reelfoot provides fast action throughout the summer. Here's a photo of some Reelfoot Cats.

Check out these Reelfoot Bass 

Controlling pond algae can significantly increase the productivity of ponds. Here's an article by  the TWRA that provides more info on maintaining a healthy pond.

Commercial Crappie Fishing on Reelfoot Lake
 is over. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Commission voted unanimously to end this 34 year tradition at their last's more

 May is a great month for Reelfoot catfishing. Here's a picture of a typical Reelfoot catch as well as an explanation of the rig used catch em.

Many people don't realize the excellent Catfishing that Reelfoot has to offer. Well, not only are catfish good to eat, they provide alot of action...check these out

Boat registration renewals may now be done over the counter with the new Remote Easy Access License (REAL)'s the rest

Here's some pictures of crappie caught in early April. Courtesy of Eagle Nest Resort.

Here's a little information about...Pre Spawn Bass fishing on Reelfoot Lake.  

Starting November 28th the TWRA is requiring boaters on Reelfoot Lake to display navigation lights between sunset and's the rest

Spring is the time of year  ponds frequently experience algae problems, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency...for more information


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