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General Information and Stories
about Reelfoot Lake and Tennessee

The legend of Reelfoot Lake is known by almost everyone in the area. But, in case you not from around here...this is it 

A description of the New Madrid earthquakes that formed Reelfoot Lake in 1811-1812...continued

Reelfoot's scenic boat cruises May - October for over 50 years it's been one of Reelfoot's feature's more

The "Lake Boat" is one of Reelfoot's most treasured creations, and the Calhoun family has been making them by hand since the 1910's's more about Calhoun Boat Works

Every year the state park holds an event called the swamp tromp. It's a walk through the remote area of Reelfoot and provide a unique look at the lake...for more information

We get a lot of questions about snakes at Reelfoot. It seems that there are some misconceptions. Well, here's a brief article from Lexie Leonard about...Reelfoot Snakes

The Riverboat Ferry in Hickman, Ky is one of the few ferries left in the country. It's only 20 miles from Reelfoot. For more info...visit their website

We get plenty of emails asking about boat requirements and regulations on Reelfoot. There aren't actually any restrictions for boats on Reelfoot. But, there are a few ought to know

The annual Reelfoot Lake Arts and Crafts festival is held each year on the first weekend of October  it's truly a big event...for details

A flock of White Pelicans were caught in the hail storm near Lennox. Residents found the huge birds walking around the neighborhood and called the Reelfoot State Park to help ...continued

Reelfoot snake stories are often that, stories. Well this is one that's true...from the book Reelfoot Lake Treasures by Lexie Leonard.

Reelfoot Lake Round House Reunion... music event

This auto tour...courtesy of Reelfoot Lake State Park, offers a nice drive for viewing Reelfoot Lake.

Reelfoot Lake offers some excellent opportunities for canoeing. Here's a little more...information on canoeing at Reelfoot

Reelfoot is known for it's snakes. But despite many fears, encounters are few and far between. For some Tennessee snake here

Reelfoot Lake Eagle Festival....schedule

This article is from Lexie Leonard's book Reelfoot Lake Treasures and it also contains an amazing picture of Reelfoot from 1914...check it out

The staff of the West Tennessee Refuge Complex (which Reelfoot NWR is a part of) has received a customer service excellence award from the Department of the's more

Christine Donald of the Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge has gotten a lot accomplished with a little money. Even with cutbacks of funds, she continues to get things done around the lake...continued

The Reelfoot Lake Waterfowl Festival is held every August. Activities include the Reelfoot Lake Grand American Duck and Goose Calling Championship, a duck call auction and various exhibits...for more information

The Raptors cage behind the Reelfoot Lake State Park museum provides an up close encounter with eagles, hawks and other birds of prey. Here's some information on the birds there
(Article From 2001)


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