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Eagle Stories and Information 


The Reelfoot Lake State Park will once again be offering their Eagle Watching Tours beginning in January...for more information

  Reelfoot Lake Eagle Festival....schedule

Reelfoot is one of the Bald Eagle's favorite wintering grounds. Here's some facts about...... Bald Eagles

TWRA Looking for Bald Eagle Nests Across TN....eagles

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced results showing the largest population of breeding bald eagles in the U.S. since World War II...continued

Bald Eagles are increasing their numbers in's more

The Bald Eagle has finally been removed from the threatened and endangered species list for the first time since 1940...more on the Bald Eagle

“The recovery of the bald eagle, our national symbol, is also a great national success story,”. Here's more about the...bald eagle's comeback

Almost anyone who lives around Reelfoot knows that eagle nests are not to be messed with. Two gentlemen in Florida learned that the hard way...continued

The 1st Annual Reelfoot Lake Eagle Festival was a huge success and will likely become a yearly event...continued

Here's a story...about a Tennessee bald eagle that flies to Washington to help support wildlife, in an airplane that is. He's also made appearances at the World Series and the Pro Bowl.

The "American Bald Eagle Recovery and National Emblem Commemorative Coin Act" has been signed into law...for details

The Raptors cage behind the Reelfoot Lake State Park museum provides a rehabilitation area for the birds and an up close encounter for visitors. They feature eagles, hawks and other birds of prey. Here's some information on the birds there.

Here are a few pictures of the Eagles...on display at the flight cage, located behind the Museum.

The eagles disappeared from Tennessee for 22 years. Here's a few facts about those years and what's changed all that.

Since the ban of DDT in 1973 the Bald Eagle has had an amazing recovery. Here's a chart showing the recovery of the Bald Eagle in the lower 48 states over the past 35 years.


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