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 After spending hundreds of dollars on your next hunting or fishing trip, why take the chance of not catching or shooting anything. The solution for both is to rent a guide.

 Years ago I realized that renting a guide can pay huge dividends, as well as provide a memory of a lifetime. That's not to say that some days even a guide can't bring in a limit of  fish or game, but you will learn a ton and get to really experience what the area has to offer.

 I've had a few guided trips where our success was less than spectacular. But, without the guide the day would have been a total loss and the techniques that I learned would put me on the right track for all the days ahead.

 A good guide on Reelfoot is even more of an asset than in many places, just because the nature of the lake. Trying to learn where to fish, or trying to find a good duck hole can be frustrating. As valuable as leisure time is these days; Why risk it?

 Let's examine both hunting and fishing at Reelfoot to shed more light on the situation.

 Duck Hunting-As with any prime public hunting area, the top places are filled with hunters before you even unload the truck. Reelfoot is known far and wide for the excellent hunting it provides. Conversely, it is an extremely busy place when the ducks are flying. If you're lucky enough to draw one of the better blinds, or if you know someone who has one, then consider yourself lucky. Because those that don't are relegated to blind hopping and in all likelihood if the blind was producing it wouldn't be empty.

 You can spend days moving around trying to find a spot that is not occupied that will provide some shooting. This isn't to say that hunters don't freelance and produce limits. It's just not common and especially among first time visitors.

 So, if you want to experience this waterfowl mecca at it's best, get a guide. Most of the blinds that these guides hunt have been in their family for generations and will up your chances for success tenfold. They not only have a great blind, but they know what they're doing. The guides on Reelfoot have it down to a science. Comfortable blinds and good meals used to be a luxury, even on a guided hunt. Now they come standard, especially on Reelfoot. Get a guide and - SEE SOME OF THE BEST WATERFOWLING  IN THE COUNTRY!

 Fishing-Reelfoot is probably the most fertile lake in the state and once you see it, you know why. There is more structure in this lake than any ten man made lakes combined. While this sounds great, it poses a problem for first time anglers. Where do you start? It literally looks like fish should be everywhere. But as any experienced angler knows, it just doesn't work like that.

 If you really want to catch some fish, rent a guide on your first day here. After that, you'll be ready to head out on your own with a lot more knowledge about the lake and the techniques used. I can guarantee you'll catch more. You may not catch as many on your own as you did with the guide, but you'll catch a lot more than you would with the old poke and hope method.

 One word of warning, renting a guide can be addictive. After you use one, it's just too tempting to use him again. I will always use a guide for my first day fishing on a new lake. But, I've also used guides even after fishing a lake for 10-15 years. It is just too much fun to really catch fish and that's what they can help you do - REALLY CATCH FISH!

 In summary: If you've never  used a guide, you don't know what you're missing. I've probably used guides 20 times over the years and I can remember every detail of everyone. Next time rent a guide, you won't regret it.

 For a list of some of Reelfoot's top guides, visit our...guides page.


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