Reelfoot Lake was created by a series of earthquakes in 1811-1812. This scenic lake produces more freshwater fish per acre than any other lake in the world. Reelfoot is also among the top five destinations in North America for prime waterfowl hunting. I invite you to come enjoy the unique experiences with me!

Hunting takes place in heated blinds over a large spread of decoys. Our guides calling abilities work the ducks in close to provide enjoyable shooting for our customers. Duck Hunting Season runs through December and January.

*Grassy Bend Hog Hole
One hot meal included.
$150 per man - 4 man min.
"Top of the line duck hole".


On Reelfoot Lake we catch fish year around. Prime crappie fishing season begins in February and runs through May. The season picks up again in September and goes through November. Bluegill (bream) bite best April through August. February through November is good for bass.

Fishing guide fees are $150 per day for 1 person, $250 for two people and $300 for 3 people. Includes tackle and poles (except for bass).

We also offer September Wood Duck and Teal Hunts and guided Eagle Watching Tours.


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