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reelfoot lake fishing report

Reelfoot Lake Fishing Report for:
August 8, 2010

   Reelfoot Lake is 8" below summer pool level, water temps are 87 to 92 degree range. Water conditions are good with slight green stain in color. Despite the hot weather anglers are finding some fish but most are avoiding the midday hours when the sun is high and the interest level of the fish is low.

   Bluegill: Fair: bluegill are being caught  around the pads and trees on popeye jigs and crickets.

   Crappie: Fair / Slow. The bite is fair early in the morning and late afternoon. There have been a few reports from night fishermen finding crappie beneath the lights. Anglers can beat the heat that way, anchoring over stumps or brushpiles while using floating lights or lanterns. Attracting the baitfish to the light usually draws the crappie as well. Remember, the limit is 30 Crappie per day per man. There are no size limits on Reelfoot Lake.

   Bass: Fair. Warm weather bass fishing is holding up for some anglers who are hitting the lake in the early morning and late afternoon hours. A few fish were coming from trees, pads and other aquatic vegetation where pin minnows were found.

   Catfish: Fair. The catfish are still biting fair early and late. Nightcrawlers, stink bait, cut shad, hotdogs, and chicken liver are catching a few.    

  Stripes: Slow: Not much surface activity has been seen.

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